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Safety Rules
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Chabot Gun Club Old West Cowboy Shoot
Safety Rules










1.      Safety glasses and hearing protection is mandatory when on range.


2.      All weapons to be empty, actions open.  Loading to take place on the loading bench just prior to shooting the stage.  Unloading to take place on designated table.  Firing pin to rest on empty chamber.


3.      All long guns BARRELS POINTED UP when being carried.


4.      No holstered weapons in the public area of the range.


5.      Everyone is a Range Officer; bring infractions to the attention of the shooter and/or an RO.


6.      The Range Officer on the stage has the final word on any penalties, shooting infractions, and disqualifications (and value of any bribes).


7.      Unsafe firearm handling, or poor sportsmanship, will result in disqualification from the match.  Unsafe firearm handling includes:


         a.     Carrying a loaded firearm while not at a stage.


          b.     Dropping or throwing a firearm.


          c.     Breaking "180" degrees when laying a firearm on a table.


          d.     Accidental discharge within ten feet of the firing line.


          e.     Accidental discharge at the loading bench.


          f.     "Sweeping" bystanders with your firearm (careful with those cross draws).


8.      Misses and procedurals are 10 seconds each.


9.      Model 97 and 87 shotguns can be loaded (not unlike a rifle).  Doubles can be loaded, action open, on the line.


10.    Be safe – have fun.



Contact:  Give a shout to "Rowdy Yates" (Jim Moore):  rowdy@gougeeyesaloon.com .  See ya at the Shoot!